Monday, 17 December 2007

River Processes

Year 10, you may find this video useful for your GCSE rivers work. Produced by Charlie Hannigan. Thanks Charlie.


You have all heard of myspace, bebo and Facebook, well now become a member of ning! Ning is another 'social network' site that allows people to communicate through the internet. I have recently set up a 'ning' for the Geography department in our school.

It can be found at

As pupil safety in my number 1 priority on the internet, this social network is by invitation only membership, therefore allowing me to decide who can and cannot join. So far the 'ning' has mainly been aimed at sixth form students but I would like to roll it out across all years. I have collected some email addresses for Year 9 pupils and will hopefully move towards other years soon. In the meantime, if you would like to join the abblanchgeography ning then send me an email with your name on, I will then send an invitation to your email.

Take part in the Geography social network. Dare you miss out!

Visit abblanchgeography

Merseyside Geographical Association Junior Quiz

I know that I haven't posted for a while now, just with the dark mornings and even darker evenings, its been quite a job to get through this term! The end is now near.
I would like to congratulate 3 year 9 girls, Olivia, Erin and Elle, who recently represented the school in the Merseyside Geographical Association Junior Quiz. All 3 girls represented the school in a fantastic fashion and against tough opposition they really gave it their best effort.
Thank you girls and well done.