Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Year 9 - SimSweatShop

Continuing with our current topic of global fashion. After completing the ICT activity on the cleanclothes website this week, I would like you to play a game on the SimSweatShop website.

The game is a bit of fun for you, but has great value when trying to think about working conditions for people that work in sweatshops.

This is your homework task for this week:

  • Play the simsweatshop game and investigate some of the stories behind the game as they appear, by clicking on 'What's the Story?'
  • Below this post there is a 'comment' button. Click on this
  • Leave a comment relating to what you thought about the game and what it's purpose was? Make sure you sign in with your first name and surame initial so that I know you have left a comment.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Year 12 - Regeneration in Manchester

Continuing with the current theme of investigating re-urbanisation in UK cities. Today's Guardian newspaper carries and article about the 'New Islington' project in the Ancoats area of east Manchester. Similar in some ways to the Eldonian Project in Liverpool, the regeneration company urban Splash have consulted the original residents of the area all through the planning and building of the project. Although far from finished, there have been significant improvemets in the area, but Urban Splash ultimate aim is to integrate affluent 'newcomers' into the project.
Whether this causes issues in the future remains to be seen?
CLICK HERE to read the article for yourself.
Photograph by Len Grant, courtesy of www.guardian.co.uk

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Year 8 - Trafford Centre Report

You have now begun to complete your report to your visit to the trafford centre. Your report is due in on either Monday the 5th March or Tuesday the 6th March, depending on which day you have geography.

Your homework task for the week beginning the 19th February is to complete task 2 from the instruction sheet. CLICK HERE to download the instruction sheet.

Your homework task for the week beginning the 26th February is to complete tasks 3 and 6 from the instruction sheet.

You will be supported to complete tasks 1, 4 and 5 in your Geography lessons in school.

Remember that this is a leveled assessment, therefore you need to use the assessment mountain and aim for your target grade that you recently recieved in your summative report. CLICK HERE to download the levels assessment mountain.

CLICK HERE to download the pedestrian count results so that you can complete task 5, the located bar graph exercise.

Good luck and if you need help, ASK FOR IT!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Year 12 - Counter-Urbanisation

PowerPoint from recent lesson indroducing counter-urbanisation

Click here to download the PowerPoint

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Year 12 - Gentrification in Liverpool - Eldonian Village

1970's housing in Vauxhall, Liverpool

In recent Year 12 lessons we have discussed about how re-urbanisation has often led to the regeneration of inner-city areas by more affluent people. This has often displaced local residents or caused friction in communities as locals cannot afford inflated house prices, plus the influx of 'new' home owners changes the social breakdown of that community.

Clearly it is important when trying to regenerate inner city areas that the regeneration projects actually include those who are most in need to help, not just 'selling to the highest bidder'.

The Eldonian Village Project, Liverpool

The Eldonian Village Project in Liverpool is a world famous example of how local people worked in partnership to ensure that the inner city area of Vauxhall was regenerated with them in mind and so that the original local residents could continue to live in an established community.

Vauxhall Road 1930's

Vauxhall Road 1990's

The links below describe the project in more detail:

Building and Social Housing Foundation article that looks into the history of the project, how funding was achieved, how the project weas successful, innovations developed by the project and key factors to the success of the project.

Guardian article that looks into the success of the Eldonian Project.

The 'Eldonian's' Official Website comprehensive information from the Eldonian's themselves.

Worldmapper.co.uk - The World as you've never seen it before!

If you have an interest in maps and what they show, then Worldmapper.co.uk is the website for you! Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

Take a look at the 2 maps below.

This world map has been re-sized to show wealth (GDP) in 2002. As you can see the wealthiest nations are located towards the north of the map, whilst the poorest nations are towards the south.

The world map above shows 'death by drought'. Of all drought-related disasters between 1975 and 2000, 98% of deaths occurred in just three territories: Ethiopia, Sudan and Mozambique.
Please visit this excellent website an investigate the many different pieces of information that can be shown on a map, rather than just naming places!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Year 12 - London Docklands Case Study

1st PowerPoint completed by Jenny

2nd PowerPoint completed by Kristen

3rd PowerPoint completed by Ruth

4th PowerPoiny completed by Ashleigh

Friday, 9 February 2007

Year 11 - Introduction to Rocks and Landscapes

Year 12 - GGA2 Introduction, Settlements, Urbanisation (Key Terms)

Powerpoint from first lesson of module GGA2

Year 12 - London Docklands Case Study

Use the LDDC website and other website to create a Powerpoint case study of re-urbanisation in London Docklands.
Think about:

  • The histrory of the Docklands
  • What was the LDDC?
  • Why was regeneration needed?
  • What was successful about the project?
  • What problems arose from the project?
  • The future for the Docklands?

Monday, 5 February 2007

Students: Make your own Geography movies!!

In some of your Geography lessons you will have watched short films from the website geographyatthemovies.co.uk These movies are produced/made by other geography teachers from around the world and the UK. As you know they are very beneficial for your own learning, for example, when used to introduce a new topic.
Year 8 have recently watched a movie about the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Year 9 will have watched the movie about 'Rosie and Annie' for their lesson on working conditions in the Global Fashion module, Year 11 have recently watched a movie about the earthquake in Kashmir.

Well! A new website has been set up
www.geogdocs.co.uk Instead of teachers producing movies for lessons, we want pupils to produce movies for geography lessons! Do you fancy making a movie about a geography topic? It can be about anything to do with geography?

The task is fairly simple. You don't need a video camera. Just a digital camera (even your camera phone) and windows MovieMaker!

If you are interested then let me (Mr Barlow) know and we will support you in your task and your finished work will be posted on the internet!