Thursday, 10 May 2007

Year 11 - Population and Development

Population characteristics between MEDCs and LEDCs can often be quite striking. There are often key differences in the birth rate, natural increase, their stage in the Demographic Transition Model and population structure. The death rates of MEDCs and LEDCs, when compared can often be similar, although the death rates in LEDCs are falling due to advances in medication whilst death rates in MEDCs are rising slightly due to ageing populations.

Using birth rate as an example, we can examine a country's level of development. If a country can control it's birth rate then this is usually accompanied by a growth in national and personal wealth. With an increase in national wealth a government can spend funds on birth control campaigns and set up family planning clinics. With increase personal wealth, attitudes towards children change as they are seen as an economic burden rather than asset. Closing the gap between birth rate and death rate lowers the natural increase, which allows transition through the Demographic Transition Model.