Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Year 11 Montserrat Eruption (LEDC)

Montserrat is a small Caribbean island located on the plate boundary between the North American and Caribbean plate.
In 1995 it had a population of 11,000.

On July 18th 1995 the dormant volcano, Chances Peak, began to wake.

To gain up-to-date information about volcano activity on Montserrat, click here.

Short Term Effects of the Eruption
  • Forests and rich farmland destroyed by lahars and covered by layers of ash.
  • 23 people died.
  • Many settlements buried in ash.
  • Many people evacuated: To the 'safe' north of the island, to other islands and to the UK.
  • Capital City (Plymouth) almost totally destroyed and evacuated.
  • Only hospital destroyed.
  • Airport destroyed.
  • Many roads destroyed.

Responses to the Eruption

  • People evacuated to the North of the island, housed in tents and makeshift homes, with little food, poor sanitation and no power.
  • UK government provided £55 million in aid.
  • Hospital reopened in a former school.

Long Term Effects of the Eruption

  • Many people left unemployed as the islands tourist industry collapsed.
  • Capital City left abandoned, most people resettled in the North of the island.

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