Thursday, 1 March 2007

Year 7 - Woodford Halse

Year 7, you are now coming towards the end of your settlement unit of work. In the next 2 lessons you will be completing a 'levelled' decision making exercise (DME).

So what is a decision making exercise?

As you may have guessed by the title, it is an exercise where you have to make decisions! In this exercise you will have to decide the best location for building a new housing estate in the village of Woodford Halse.

During the 1st lesson you will look into the location of Woodford Halse and some history behind why the village has grown in the past.

Here are some notes from that 1st lesson.

  • Woodford Halse is a small village in the south of England.
  • It is located 15km north east of Banbury, 20km south west of Northampton, 10km south of Daventry and 15km north west of Milton Keynes.
  • The M1 motorway runs to the east of the village, whilst the M40 runs to the west. Both motorways provide a direct road to London.
  • There is a main railway station in Milton Keynes that provides a train service to London.
  • Birmingham International Airport is to the north west.
  • Woodford Halse lies to the east of the A361 main road that links Banbury to Daventry.
  • The village is a rural location, surrounded by open fields and farmland.
  • The River Cherwell flows through the village.
  • Surrounding villages include; Eydon, Hinton, Preston Capes and Byfield
Woodford Halse contains the services that we would expect to find in a village. It has a church (see photo below), a Post Office, a public house and a carniferous woodland area located inbetween Woodford Halse and Hinton.

To the south of the village there is evidence of disused railway lines that are now used as footpaths (see photo below)

Maps courtesy of get-a-map prvided by the Ordnance Survey

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