Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Year 9 - SimSweatShop

Continuing with our current topic of global fashion. After completing the ICT activity on the cleanclothes website this week, I would like you to play a game on the SimSweatShop website.

The game is a bit of fun for you, but has great value when trying to think about working conditions for people that work in sweatshops.

This is your homework task for this week:

  • Play the simsweatshop game and investigate some of the stories behind the game as they appear, by clicking on 'What's the Story?'
  • Below this post there is a 'comment' button. Click on this
  • Leave a comment relating to what you thought about the game and what it's purpose was? Make sure you sign in with your first name and surame initial so that I know you have left a comment.