Saturday, 17 February 2007

Year 12 - Gentrification in Liverpool - Eldonian Village

1970's housing in Vauxhall, Liverpool

In recent Year 12 lessons we have discussed about how re-urbanisation has often led to the regeneration of inner-city areas by more affluent people. This has often displaced local residents or caused friction in communities as locals cannot afford inflated house prices, plus the influx of 'new' home owners changes the social breakdown of that community.

Clearly it is important when trying to regenerate inner city areas that the regeneration projects actually include those who are most in need to help, not just 'selling to the highest bidder'.

The Eldonian Village Project, Liverpool

The Eldonian Village Project in Liverpool is a world famous example of how local people worked in partnership to ensure that the inner city area of Vauxhall was regenerated with them in mind and so that the original local residents could continue to live in an established community.

Vauxhall Road 1930's

Vauxhall Road 1990's

The links below describe the project in more detail:

Building and Social Housing Foundation article that looks into the history of the project, how funding was achieved, how the project weas successful, innovations developed by the project and key factors to the success of the project.

Guardian article that looks into the success of the Eldonian Project.

The 'Eldonian's' Official Website comprehensive information from the Eldonian's themselves.