Monday, 5 February 2007

Students: Make your own Geography movies!!

In some of your Geography lessons you will have watched short films from the website These movies are produced/made by other geography teachers from around the world and the UK. As you know they are very beneficial for your own learning, for example, when used to introduce a new topic.
Year 8 have recently watched a movie about the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Year 9 will have watched the movie about 'Rosie and Annie' for their lesson on working conditions in the Global Fashion module, Year 11 have recently watched a movie about the earthquake in Kashmir.

Well! A new website has been set up Instead of teachers producing movies for lessons, we want pupils to produce movies for geography lessons! Do you fancy making a movie about a geography topic? It can be about anything to do with geography?

The task is fairly simple. You don't need a video camera. Just a digital camera (even your camera phone) and windows MovieMaker!

If you are interested then let me (Mr Barlow) know and we will support you in your task and your finished work will be posted on the internet!